If I should die in police custody…

If I should die in police custody, know that I would never kill myself.  I would never use recreational drugs.  Also, I would never reach for an officer’s weapon.  It’s a shame this is being discussed at all.  This country is in a crisis.  It is getting to the point where you’re either a part of the problem or you’re a part of the solution.  Waiting silently on the sidelines will not help this country now.  Speak up.  Let’s talk about it. #SayHerName

2 thoughts on “If I should die in police custody…

  1. It is an utter tragedy that yet another innocent person is killed by the very people you pay to protect you. When will it end? When will racism stop dominating your relationships? The officer/s responsible should be imprisoned, just like all the other officers that have obliterated the lives of innocent people. However, as history shows, this will not happen and murder will go unpunished. This is an absolute travesty. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King and all the other activists who have fought and died to end racism will be turning in their graves. I feel a deep sense of despair and sadness for Sandra’s friends and family, and for all the friends and families of those who lose their lives at the hands of the police.

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