Hulk, you should have quit while you were behind


I’m going through news articles, and and come across one about Hulk Hogan.  Naturally, I assumed it was about his racist rant that was leaked, but oh no!  It’s not.  He has taken to Twitter to further display his ignorance.  If you would like to read the article from Washington Post, here it is.

This is going from bad to worse.  First, he apologizes for saying those things.  Now, he is upset because President Obama said the word and kept his job.  Umm… Pres. Obama used the word in a completely different context.  Whoever is Hulk’s PR person, needs to be fired.  Of course, there are the supporters, who will stand behind Hogan no matter what he says.  **sighs**  He should have just stayed silent after the apology.  His wrestling career is finished.  Maybe he could be a used car salesman or something.  I can see him doing that.

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