This is why the US is in crisis

I’m going through my timeline on Facebook, and my heart stops for a second when I see this:

killer cop

Absolutely ridiculous!  WTF!!!  Who is giving this murderer money???  Has to be the KKK or other White Supremacy groups.  Who else would give this loser money for killing an unarmed black man.  What decent person has the sense, the audacity to give their hard-earned money to help a murderer?  What are these people hoping to accomplish?  He’s going to prison.  He falsified documents and murdered a man.  There’s video of the murder!  It’s not like no one knows what happened.  EVERYONE knows.  We all saw it.  He’s not walking away free, so you just wasted your money.

America is falling apart at the seams.  #BlackLivesMatter

Feel free to express yourselves in the comment section.  Let’s talk.

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