White Cop recorded describing how to murder a Black suspect

Office Troy Millbrooks is allowed to keep his job after describing how he would kill a Black suspect and manipulate the evidence to make it look like self-defense.  Millbrooks is an officer with the Alexander City Police Department in Alabama.  The police department paid the man $35,000 not to sue.  Millbrooks even called the man a “n*gger.”  To read the whole article click here.

Why is this man allowed to keep his job?  He should at least be fired and not allowed to be a cop again.  At the most, he should be charged with a crime.  Why would a police department want a cop on their team who thinks that way?  The chief of the police department defended him!  What!?!  How can you defend that?  Why isn’t the chief disturbed by Millbrooks behavior?  How many times has this occurred without anyone knowing?  These are questions that people need to be asking.  These cops are out of control and are walking around unchecked.  You cannot change what you don’t acknowledge.  People, wake up!  Let’s talk.  Silence equals consent.  Leave your comments below.

3 thoughts on “White Cop recorded describing how to murder a Black suspect

  1. Reblogged this on Everyday Voices and commented:
    I am disgusted to read this. And I am not totally surprised that it happened in Alabama. This cop needs to named, shamed and then terminated from his job and be barred from having any job that has remotely to do with law enforcement.

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