Ben Carson for President is a joke… a bad one.


I never liked Ben Carson from the beginning of his Presidential campaign.  His first strike was being a Black Republican. Why? Why would you side with the very people who are oppressing you?  Doesn’t make any sense, does it?  Well, let’s move on.  He is one of the All Lives Matters supporters.  Really?  Your people (Black people) are demanding equal rights and protection against police brutality.  Yet, you ignore their cries for help and say all lives matter.  I guess he’s thinking the White conservative vote will carry him into the White House.  Bless his heart.  That will never work.  He is beginning to look like an Uncle Tom, but let’s move on.

All he talks about is how good of a neuro-surgeon he is.  News flash!  Performing surgery is not a Presidential duty.  Yes, you are a great surgeon, but that has nothing to do with being the U.S. President!  I swear.  This guy makes my blood pressure spike.

I just read an article from Raw Story, which you can read here.  Lately, Carson has been against Planned Parenthood for legally selling fetal tissue.  Guess what?  According to Raw Story, Dr. Ben Carson conducted experiments in 1992 using fetal tissue.  Hmmm?  Wait.  I thought he was against abortion and fetal tissue research.  Carson’s campaign has refused to comment on this.  Smh.  The lies and hypocrisy will make your stomach hurt.  Every time I see him I want to puke.

The things you do just to get into the White House…. He won’t win.  Uncle Ben, just go back to being a surgeon.  You’re just not cut out for being a U.S. President.

4 thoughts on “Ben Carson for President is a joke… a bad one.

  1. You got to read Blueprint for Revolution by Srdja Popovic. I’ve been asked to do a synopsis so I’ll let you know about it.

  2. Hi 🙂

    I couldn’t find an “about me” page but I wanted to swing by and say thanks for liking my post on the black-on-black violence nonsense! I really like your stuff and I can’t wait to read more!

    1. Thanks, Gina. I totally agreed with your post. I also grew up in a small, predominately white town, so I can relate to what you’re saying. I also cannot wait to read more of your posts.

  3. IF . . . the white man had not done and still does the things he does . . . if white privilege was not evoked then “all lives matter” would be okay. But to use it to negate the black issue – by a black man no less is disgusting.

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