Old, White man from Texas encourages people to kill Black activists

This old guy from Texas is “fed up” with “thugs” killing police officers.  He posted a video on Facebook blaming Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, and Black “thugs” for killing police officers.  He called Sandra Bland a thug and said she has a “rap sheet a mile long.”  We sane people know this is not true.  He encourages people to get sling shots and hit cars and Black activists who protest in your city.  This man goes on to tell law enforcement to “step aside” and let the people handle these thugs.  He also says that his people are looking at videos of marches to get names and addresses of people.  This guy was absolutely disgusting.  Now that he has made everything public.  He will probably be investigated.  To watch the video, click the link below.

2 thoughts on “Old, White man from Texas encourages people to kill Black activists

  1. Hello, Cara.

    If this crazy lunatic addled senior had bothered to look into Sandra Bland’s history, he would have learned she recorded several videos focused on promoting unity and peace among all Americans.

    In fact a few months before she left us, Sandra Bland recorded a video decrying the “Gang-bangers and Thugs” that she believes have negatively impacted her quality of life as well as harming peaceful people in her community and many American communities.

    Essentially she was speaking about our National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect that deprives untold American kids of experiencing a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood. Child abuse and neglect that often leads depressed children to develop into angry, frustrated, unpredictable teens and adults who cause physical and emotional harm to their peaceful neighbors.

    Did anyone hear or seriously consider Sandra’s plea?

    From “Sandy Speaks Archives – GotNews”


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