White America and Racial Issues.

Tim Wise describes exactly what is going on in America right now.  There seems to be a disconnect between White America and Black and Brown people.  Their realities are not the same.  Please, watch the video and leave your comments below.

One thought on “White America and Racial Issues.

  1. We still are segregated. We are also on the brink of another war. My issue is too many black people are oblivious to it or they are pushing it under the rug. Then you have those who are pro white. And he has a point about how blacks and whites riot for vastly different reasons. We riot because of acts against us, granted most of our people who riot end up commuting criminal acts. White people riot after a stupid football game. We have reason to think and react the way we do because of what’s being done to us.

    It’s like white people have a set of rules for themselves and then they have a set of rules for us and I don’t like that. For them to govern themselves and us?

    And int just blame ignorant black folks or white folks. A lot of this is played up by the media and how we are portrayed. That irks me.

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