Kim Davis Meeting with the Pope

kim davis third marriage

Kim Davis met with Pope Francis secretly regarding her stand on gay marriage.  Let me be the first to say “I don’t care who she met with.”  That’s irrelevant.  She is still disobeying the law.  People who disobey the law are usually thrown in jail, which she has been.  Yet, here she is …. still not doing her job.  You know, if I refuse to do my job, I would be fired.  She is being paid $80,000 a year.  Meanwhile, she is getting paid to NOT do her job.  This is unacceptable.

When you have a job dealing with the public, you have to respect others.  You cannot discriminate based on race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, etc.  Otherwise, you are violating someone’s rights.  No one is stopping Kim Davis from going to church and living a Christian life.  Quite frankly, I’m tired of talking about her.  She needs to step down.  Period.

For recent update on this Kim Davis/Pope fiasco click here.


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