The Oregon Mass Murderer

I was at work yesterday when I learned of the mass shooting.  After hearing about the shooting, I waited to feel shock.  It never showed up.  What I feel is ANGER.  I am angry that this country would rather protect gun nuts instead of lives.  I am angry that people claim to care about lives but do nothing to protect them.  I am angry at these politicians who take money from these gun nuts to keep their mouths shut.  When will enough be enough???

I thought after the Sandy Hook shooting laws would be passed.  Nope.  I am at a loss of words.  All I keep thinking is “What will it take for people to demand stricter gun laws?”  What will have to happen?  I want answers!  I want stricter gun laws!  I need politicians to make this happen! Now!

After hearing President Obama’s speech, he is fed up.  He told the absolute truth.  Watch it below.

To learn more about the shooter, whose name is Chris Harper Mercer, click here.

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