15 Confederate Flag Supporters Indicted

Here we go again… white supremacy and tomfoolery.  In Georgia, 15 Confederate flag supporters were indicted for participating in criminal gang activity.  This incident occurred on July 25, 2015, in Douglasville, GA at an outside birthday party.  Party goers, who were Black, claimed the group yelled racial slurs at them and threatened them.  The group, which call themselves Respect the Flag, can be seen in the short video driving by with the rebel flags on the back of their beat up trucks.

You can read the entire New York Times article here along with the video.

Confrontation With Black Partygoers Leads to Gang Charges for White Group

The partygoers contend that members of the flag group yelled racial slurs and displayed a crowbar, a knife and either a rifle or a shotgun, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights group in Montgomery, Ala., that is representing some of the accusers.

The Douglas County district attorney, Brian Fortner, a white Republican elected to the office in 2014, announced the indictments in a news conference Monday morning. Each of the 15 was indicted on one count of making terroristic threats and a second count of unlawfully participating in “criminal gang activity.”

Mr. Fortner, whose county has transformed from predominantly white to decidedly mixed over the past two decades, said that the Georgia statute upon which the second charge is based, the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act, was “worded very broadly to deal with any type of activity that occurs with a group that’s organized that commits a crime.”

The anti-gang law defines a “criminal street gang” as “any organization, association or group of three or more persons associated in fact, whether formal or informal,” that engages in or conspires to commit a defined set of serious criminal acts. The law gives prosecutors numerous ways to define the existence of a gang, including sharing signs, symbols, tattoos, graffiti or “common activities.”

Now it’s time for me to vent about these white supremacists from the video.  These party goers were minding their own business and enjoying themselves.  You decided to drive your ignorant, uneducated selves up to this party in your raggedy pick-up trucks to intimidate people.  Well, the joke is on you because now your facing indictments.  You are looking at prison time.

I don’t understand.  What makes it ok in their minds to terrorize people?  What are they telling themselves that makes it ok to threaten people?  Sane people would NEVER do that.  When does it click in their brains that what they are doing is ignorant and stupid?  Hating someone for something they had NO control over is insane.  I guess this is why racism is discussed in the DSM.

2 thoughts on “15 Confederate Flag Supporters Indicted

  1. It makes me happy to see things like this. White people being indicted for criminal acts towards black people who aren’t doing anything wrong. This doesn’t happen too often. Yes, they were clearly in the wrong, but not always is that enough to indict them.

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