Laquan McDonald Murder Video

After watching this video, I’m sick to my stomach.  Why did it take so long to charge this savage cop? UNACCEPTABLE!  These savage cops have to be held accountable… AND convicted for their crimes. #BlackLivesMatter   (Picture is from DNAinfo.) Continue reading Laquan McDonald Murder Video

“Maybe he should’ve been roughed up”

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Black protester, who was thrown out of the Donald Trump klan rally in Birmingham, AL.  This man, who is named Mercutio Southall, Jr,  was a Black Lives Matter protester.  He was attacked by 7 or 8 Trump supporters.  Some were chanting “All Lives Matter” in response to this man saying “Black Lives Matter.” See?  This is why … Continue reading “Maybe he should’ve been roughed up”

I Refuse to be Scared

Originally posted on The Moral Universe:
I am sick to death of morally bankrupt politicians telling me what and how Americans are feeling. “Americans are scared.” “Americans don’t want Syrian refugees coming to this country.” “Americans want to know what’s going on inside mosques.” First of all, I am not scared of being killed by terrorists. I was not scared after 9/11 and I’m not… Continue reading I Refuse to be Scared

African Woman Hit with Beer Mug for Speaking Swahili

Smh.  There is no way in hell you can convince me that racism is not a mental illness. You just can’t do it.  There is nothing normal about what that white woman did.  She hit a Black woman for speaking a language different from her own.  Where is the reasoning?  Where is the logic?  There is none.  This was a hate crime.  Plain and simple. … Continue reading African Woman Hit with Beer Mug for Speaking Swahili