Trump’s Meeting with Black Pastors

When I first heard about this meeting last week, I was not surprised.  I knew Donald Trump would pull some type of stunt to gain votes from people of color (POC).  After his blatantly racist tweet with false percentages and the Black man being attacked at his Klan rally (and Trump defending the attackers), Trump is becoming desperate. He threw this meeting together hoping to fool Black people into believing he’s not a racist.  Once Black Twitter became aware of this meeting, it was on from there.  People were asking who were the pastors attending the meeting so that they could be shamed.

There were rumors that the meeting had been canceled.  I laughed to myself after hearing that.  But wait!  There’s a video of Trump emerging from a meeting with the Black pastors.  **sighs**  The only people who seemed impressed with the meeting were white people.  The majority of Black and Brown people do not endorse Trump (or any Republican).  He has already shown his true colors.   He has offended almost every minority group there is.  Even disabled people are not safe from his ridicule.  Donald Trump is disgusting.  He will NEVER be my President.

I think it is very important to find out what Black pastors attended this meeting and question their sanity loyalty.  Why would they even consider meeting with Trump?  What was discussed?  #StayWoke

You can find videos of the Trump and the pastors at CNN Politics.

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