4 thoughts on “Black People Do Not Understand White Supremacy

  1. I will make this direct without any apology. The people I born of do not know their God/Creator. We have been blinded by our own pride and rebellion. In so doing we have taken on the image of our Oppressor! We walk, talk, pray and even worship like them (aliens/demogods!) Only when self hate is transformed into self love and our Father opens our minds/third eye will we see and know how to walk in love and Truth! We are free but are enslaved by our minds, stuff and things and a False Spirit calling itself God which my people have worshiped for far too long!

    Major Jeffrey D. Simmons Army (32 yrs) Infantry ( Retired) but not Dead Soldiering for the I AM within me. I have seen and lived these falsehoods since I was a child! I am divine because I came out of Divine not Africa. I came out of Spirit and I walk in the Spirit of Truth! Much love


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