To Black People with Student Loan Debt: You Are Not White

I wish this video was around 20 years ago. Student Loan debt is devastating. It’s a huge burden. I hate Sallie Mae and her stalking ways… disrupting my life.

To all of you young black kings and queens who are in college or thinking about going to college, y’all better listen to Dr. Boyce Watkins. This economy was not designed for you.

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6 thoughts on “To Black People with Student Loan Debt: You Are Not White

  1. I appreciate the information and its validity. I don’t think the government is ready for their own system to work for me in the forgiveness of my $105,000 for 2.5 degrees. I surmised that the doctorate I half way completed isn’t worth the additional headaches. Without being forthcoming because of the venue their are circumstances that will allow for 100% debt forgiveness. What does that mean? Give them exactly what the legislation requires without letting them know truthfully what the left hand is doing. I spent 32 years in the US Army and have become adept at circumventing some parts of the system which is not designed for Blacks! Which means I had to shuck and jive which I shouldn’t had to do but this is a War! By all means necessary!

      1. Me too. I made the mistake of going to grad school… I’m NEVER going to pay the loans off. Could really use a winning Powerball ticket right about now UGHHHHHH

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