2 thoughts on “Update: North Miami Cop Named In Shooting Of Unarmed Man With Hands Up

  1. Cara, it seems a lot of questionable actions have been ruled justified across the states lately, I would not single Florida out as being more likely than anywhere else to perhaps turn a blind eye , being a Florida I do resent that. Hopefully, justice will be served in this case and in the future if, sadly, there should be any.

    1. I stand by everything I said. I’m from Alabama. Do you know how much crap people say about Alabama everyday? The South has always been full of racism. That is nothing new. It is the norm here in the south. Some of the police departments in Alabama were found to have planted drugs on hundreds of black men through the years.

      So you can feel resentment if you want to. I’m still going to call it like I see it.

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