Roland Martin vs. White Nationalist: “We’re not going anywhere”

Maaannn look! Roland Martin killed this racist with FACTS. It was so bad that Mr. Spencer needs to go home and re-evaluate his life. Richard had no facts, no statistics. Just whining and whitesplaining. He did not have a good leg to stand on. When he said that white people built the pyramids in Egypt, I laughed.  The truly sad thing is many other white people believe his words. Black people, it is so important to be educated and know your history.  Otherwise, you can be easily led astray by people like this. This interview has exposed white racists for what they really are: lying, uneducated, simple-minded, insecure whiners.

Btw, I refuse to use the term “Alt Right.” I’m not normalizing racism.  Alt Right are white supremacists.


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