White Female Racially Attacks Latina & Black Woman After Being Asked Politely To Move Cart #Racism

My Black Kings and Queens,

Here’s another racist white chump (an old one at that).  She’s talking smack in Walmart to a Latina lady.  A Black woman tries to take up for the woman.  The chump calls her a n*gger.  Here’s the kicker.  The Black woman accepts that she is a n*gger. wtf! All that Black lady had to do was walk up on that chump.  She would’ve changed her tune then. They are nothing but cowards.  Don’t let these white, racist cowards punk you. I’m glad that Black Queen stood up for the Latina, but she should have taken it to the next level. Ever since Trump became POTUS, these snowflakes are coming out of hiding.  They are probably mad that Trump is taking away their healthcare. Welp, you voted for him.

#StayWoke Stay Safe


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