Grand Jury Decided NOT to Charge Cops who Killed Tamir Rice

I’m totally disgusted, sick to my stomach.  This child was murdered on camera, and these cops, who are paid to “protect and serve,” got away.  Cops are basically being paid to kill Black people.  Our tax dollars are paying these sorry ass cops to kill us!  Let that sink in.

I hope this post lights a fire under all people.  This can’t keep going on.  He was an innocent child playing with a toy. A TOY!  Imagine this was your child.  Would you be so calm and dismissive?

5 thoughts on “Grand Jury Decided NOT to Charge Cops who Killed Tamir Rice

  1. My heart broke when reading this. I have a 7 year old son and that is too close to Tamir’s age. He was murdered and I can’t believe their will be no grand jury indictment. I’m constantly praying for his family. This attack on our children has to stop.

    1. I totally agree. Our children are automatically seen as criminals. These cops are being the judge and jury. They shoot first and lie later. It has to end.

  2. This is disheartening. Man deaths of black people have been caught on camera and no cop has been charged. It’s sad to say but it’s become the new normal, at least in the eyes of white people. None of them bat a single lash when one of ours is killed. But let it be one of theirs, oh all black people are murderers.

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