Couple Tells Black Mom & Daughter “My Ancestors Owned You”

That couple looked like they could barely read and write, but they want to tell Black people to go back to Africa. Ummm… There are a few problems with that. First, we did not come here voluntarily. Second, most Black people you see are citizens.  They have every right to be here.  Third and most important, white people came from Europe. If Black people go to Africa, where do they think their asses are going? I bet Native Americans would LOVE to kick those pale faces out of this country.

Also, it is very telling how the restaurant responded to the issue, which was to do nothing. You have customers getting disrespected in the worst way, and you don’t even try to break it up? You don’t ask them to leave? You don’t ask them to calm down? The other customers just sat there looking like they’re watching a movie.


Check out the Advise Show on YouTube.

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