How many more have to die?


I just finished watching the footage of the Dubose shooting.  Thankfully, the murder was blurred.  I am sick to my stomach right now.  I am PISSED!  How many more unarmed Black people have to die before this country realizes this is a MAJOR issue?  What is it going to take?  This murderer (Officer Tensing) shot Mr. Dubose at point blank range in the face.  Then he lied and said he was being dragged by the car.  Well, the body cam shows differently.  Oh yeah.  You are going to prison, sir. All of this over a front tag!  I could scream right now.

I hope all of you “All Lives Matter” supporters watch that video.  Matter of fact, here it is.  Another unarmed Black person murdered.  This is why Black people are angry, frustrated, hurt.  “This stops today!”– Eric Garner  #BlackLivesMatter

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