Racists, hypocrites, and gun nuts. Oh my!

Have you noticed that whenever a Black person speaks up about horrible incidents that has happened to him, some white people say “quit playing the race card.” Then when a horrible incident like what happened today comes along, and some white people are blaming all black people.  I’ve seen the most disgusting, racist comments today regarding this shooting. You can see someone’s true character when a horrific event takes place.

When those white men killed people in the movie theatres, minorities did not fly off the handle and blame all white people. All I saw on social media from the black community were prayer requests for the victims’ families. These incidents show the whole world the hypocrisy in this country. The racial divide. The brutality. It’s disgusting!

The only positive thing I’ve read today was discussing gun control. But wait. … why do you want to discuss it now? After all of the mass shootings in schools, colleges,  churches, and movie theatres, you did not want gun control. Now after the shooting today, it’s time to discuss it. This was the tipping point? Not when the elementary students were killed? Or the church members? Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for stricter gun laws. Personally, I hate guns. The timing just seems weird. I bet the gun nuts are shaking in their boots.

On a serious note, horrible incidents are supposed to bring communities closer together. We (all Americans) have to learn to respect each other. I’m not talking about being “color blind.” I hate when people say that. A person’s color is a part of who they are. When you pretend not to see it,  you are implying that his race is not important or valuable. People should be able to respect (or tolerate,  at least) different cultures and races. Truthfully, that’s all everyone wants. So let’s start with respecting each other  first and build on that. Otherwise, this country will not move forward but backward. That is unacceptable. We owe it to ourselves and the next generation to improve this country.

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8 thoughts on “Racists, hypocrites, and gun nuts. Oh my!

  1. I totally agree. That shooting of the news crew was not a racial thing at all, at least to me it wasn’t, but of course the white people are going to say it is. That black people are angry and liable to do anything, just ticking time bombs waiting to go off. The thing I want them to release is his 23 page letter about why he did what he did. See how long that takes. I think the media just wants black people to be portrayed in a certain light. Divide and conquer.

  2. Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better, some people say. I wonder how bad that is? Then again some people love to wallow in negativity. They will always be there. Ignore them and take away their power.

  3. I am white, damn near ghostly white, and I never saw the news reporter shooting as racist. I didn’t see the church shooting as racist until the information came in. However, I did think that it was related to different religious beliefs in the beginning. Not all white people try to turn it back around on the other race. js

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